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Shared mobility

Dear reader,

shared mobility is one of the buzz words when discussing the future of mobility.
It bears the potential of profoundly changing user mobility behaviour. The
landscape of shared mobility is highly complex, diversified and quickly changing
– two indications being the rapidly increasing number of players in the industry
and the investments in shared mobility start-ups and technologies, which
currently sum up to €42 bn worldwide.

As an automotive management consultancy, Strategy Engineers has had the
opportunity to dig deeper into the evolving space of shared mobility in several
client projects. Based on this experience, we want to share our lessons learned
on the current state and our mid-term perspectives. We do this in two
consecutive reports: In the first part, published here, we focus exclusively on
car-sharing – probably the most hyped type of shared mobility.
Our findings indicate that although car-sharing will continue to grow quickly in
the near future, it will remain a niche market – reason being that both the
revenues forecast as well as the expected car-sharing fleet size remain

So, if car-sharing will not be the dominant type of future shared mobility, what
else will it be? This question is the starting point of our second report, in which
we take one step back and look at the bigger picture of future personal mobility
in light of advances in autonomous vehicles, to be published in the upcoming
weeks on our homepage - stay tuned.

Besides shared mobility, electromobility and alternative fuels remain to be a hot
topic in our industry. You can recap our joint webinar with AVL on the future
fuels and last but not least we are proud to have once again been considered
as one of the best management consultancies in the business. Read more in
our spotlight stories below.


Dr. Oliver Spreitzer

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