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Our Collaboration – Your Benefit

AVL – a strong partner

As a member of the AVL Group, we have access to technical expertise and networks developed within the automotive industry over many years. AVL has over 45 locations worldwide and, with more than 8050 employees, it is one of the leading service providers within the automotive industry. Together, we make a very strong team that is unrivalled in the consulting industry. 

AVL in profile

AVL is the leading global development service provider for the automotive industry with a focus on engineering, simulation and measurement technology. 

AVL at a glance:

  • Founded in 1948 by Prof. Dr. Hans List in Graz
  • More than 8,050 employees, over € 1.25 billion revenues (2015)
  • Invests an average of 12.5% of annual revenues in R&D
  • Over 2,000 engine development projects completed
  • A leader in alternative drivetrains and electro-mobility

Our Collaboration – Your Benefit

Our collaboration with AVL provides our customers with a real advantage by enabling us to connect strategic vision, technical expertise and deep industry knowledge. We see ourselves as part of the automotive industry. Our projects involve close cooperation with AVL whenever it is required. Whether it’s the development of a technology roadmap, of the reduction of product costs – the results of our work are always based on deep industry-, product- and technological expertise.

The integration of Strategy Engineers with AVL’s global consultancy network also enables us to better understand local market peculiarities and challenges, and to use this knowledge directly in finding solutions and completing projects through our onsite experts. 

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