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Fast Charging Profitability – How Automotive Suppliers can Capitalise on E-Mobility Today?

Electrification is coming, and it will provide attractive business opportunities for suppliers who set the stage now. There are four different electrification plays for suppliers – but only component and system supply make sense from a business case perspective. For example for an electric axle drive, highest margin potential is in
e-motors with inverter while e-motor and transmission dominate the system cost structure. In pursuit of innovation and technology leadership, automotive OEMs currently may not allow suppliers to capture system business. However, with increasing maturity, this is expected to reverse. On system level, performance and scale impact invest, sales price and product cost – the sweet-spot is with in high-volume, mainstream e-axle applications. Enabling this new electric drive system business, requires suppliers to rethink their existing organisational boundaries.

Follow-up in the proceedings of the colloquium in case you missed out on the presentation or get in touch with our partner Christian Koehler.

Aachen 2018

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