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New training available: Methods and best-practices in product cost optimisation

Munich, 19.02.2018   In more than 330 consulting projects, Strategy Engineers has successfully supported its clients in the automotive industry, in machinery and plant engineering but also in renewable energies to effectively and sustainably cut cost using a specialised, control lever-based approach to product cost optimisation. More important, this has been achieved without compromising on product characteristics or features which can be perceived and are valued by the customer.

For the first time, the key methods and success factors of this rich experience have been condensed into what is the company’s first product cost optimisation training for practitioners. “A holistic and systematic product cost management is key to developing innovative and market-ready products. The single most important success factor in product cost management is the employees responsible for the topic inside the organisation”, explains Martin Kieckebusch, Partner at Strategy Engineers and responsible for product cost management and product cost optimisation. “It is these internal experts whom we are targeting with our training programme.”

The individually tailored training programme builds on four central pillars of product cost reduction. To set the basis, key information is provided on principles of component cost (material cost, manufacturing cost, and overheads) and how to calculate cost. In addition, we dive into how to use value analysis to reduce cost while maintaining or improving functional specifications. Beyond this basis, participants in the training develop best practices in critical points of cost down workshop preparation, execution and documentation based on case studies and actual examples. A vital part of this section of the training is getting acquainted with the most important control levers for product cost reduction as well as their application.

Reach out to us in case you want to enable successful product cost optimisation in your organisation or improve and optimise existing initiatives. We are pleased to discuss your specific requirements with you to tailor a customised training focusing on the content adding value. Follow this link to find out more about the building blocks of our product cost optimisation training programme.

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