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Strategy Engineers at IKOM career fair

Once again, Strategy Engineers joined the IKOM career fair in Munich to get in touch with students and graduates. We very much enjoyed the interest in our company and team at the booth where we met several highly qualified, potential applicants. Interesting insights into the world of business consultancy were also offered by the panel discussion in the "IKOM Arena" at which our partner Frank Hegenbart answered numerous questions from the audience.

At the IKOM and beyond, Strategy Engineers is looking for well-educated students, graduates and professionals who enjoy working on innovative and exciting problems at the junction of technology and management in a variety of technology-driven industries. In addition to very good analytical skills, we also pay attention to the distinctive entrepreneurial thinking and an interesting personality that fits our existing team. Unsolicited applications can be sent to recruiting@strategyengineers.com at any time.

IKOM 2017

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