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Strategy Engineers moves to new offices in Munich

Strategy Engineers has moved its global headquarters to a new location in Munich, Germany. With more than double the floor space, the office adapts to the most recent growth of the company. Growing from its origin in the global automotive industry, Strategy Engineers is supporting its worldwide clients in technology-driven and increasingly digital industries.

‘Munich is and has always been the heart of Strategy Engineers in Germany. With especially the German automotive industry facing major challenges for the decade to come, we are better positioned than ever with a strong presence close to our valued customers in both the automotive and supplier industry’, explains Albert Neumann, partner and managing director at Strategy Engineers.

‘After years of continuous growth since the foundation of the company, we have been using the same office space close to the Munich city centre. For almost one year, we have been considering moving into a larger, future-ready office’, remembers Stefanie Kardun, head of human resources at Strategy Engineers. ‘The newly renovated office – informally named ‘Seidlschlösschen’, referencing to the city’s famous architect Gabriel von Seidl – is more than we could have ever hoped for. With great care, the owners have transformed the historic building into a modern office combining rich heritage with up-to-date infrastructure. It is a building and an environment our team can call home.’

The new office provides working spaces for the company’s consultant team and opens up new opportunities. „Having two stories opens up new opportunities to host client workshops and create a more focused working atmosphere’, explains Frank Hegenbart, partner at the Munich office. ‘We can now combine the familiarity of our old offices with the space required for our companies’ continued growth. Within the historic shell, we have succeeded in creating an inspiring work environment for our team. While open spaces and smaller, lounge-like ensembles encourage interaction, we have also installed small, transparent yet quiet cubicles for our project teams and confidential meetings. Within a vibrant environment, these rooms allow for uninterrupted and concentrated work on the most urgent and forward-looking topics of our clients.”

For the years to come, the grown Munich headquarters will remain the heart of the company. ‘We plan to continue hiring new talent and grow our consultant team throughout the next years – the most recent additions to the team show with great success how we lead the transformation of our company to be capable of providing the required consulting competencies in a broadening range of industries,’ highlights Stefanie Kardun. Strategy Engineers is looking forward to continue growing its team and leveraging the potential of the new, larger office in Munich.


About Strategy Engineers

Strategy Engineers is a strategy and management consultancy with a focus on the automotive industry and other, technology driven industries. Through our cooperation with AVL Group, our clients benefit from a unique combination of strategic consultancy and technical expertise.

For the fourth time straight, Strategy Engineers was honoured with the award “Best Consultants” in 2017 by leading German business magazine brand eins and Statista. In addition to an improvement within the three categories “automotive & supplier”, “machinery & plant engineering” and “operations management, Strategy Engineers was ranked for the first time as among the best consultancies in the category “strategy development”.


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Frank Hegenbart

E-Mail: marketing@strategyengineers.com

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