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You can reach us by phone or e-mail:

+49 89 4161 7235 info@strategyengineers.com

How to find us

Our Company

Our company differentiates itself through its unique consulting approach, a passionate attitude to our work, tailored services, our proven expertise and trusted collaboration with our clients. 

Our consulting approach – unique

Strategy Engineers stands for unique consulting capabilities at the interface between strategy and technology. These capabilities are based on the deep strategic experience of our management consultants, as well as the proven technical expertise of the AVL Group – our collaboration partner.

Our way of working – passionate

Our work stands out through a passionate approach and an entrepreneurial spirit. We are fascinated by our clients’ products and services, and provide advice on them as if it was our own business. The efficient implementation of our results is everything, and it’s a goal we work towards with the utmost precision.

Our services – tailored

Strategy Engineers combines outstanding industry expertise with a high level of methodological competence. Rather than being based on generic standards, our services are always tailored to the customer’s specific problem. We develop individual solutions across the entire value chain.

Our expertise – proven

Our consultants are usually people with many years of experience in industry and consulting. We have a clear focus on the automotive industry and related sectors with technically complex products. We have helped our customers develop and implement tailored success concepts in numerous projects. As a result, Strategy Engineers’ proven expertise, in combination with that of the AVL Group, enables us to offer a truly unique consulting service.

Our collaboration – based on partnership and trust

The prerequisite for the success of our projects is a deep understanding of our customers’ businesses and the challenges they face. We develop this understanding through a close and trust-based collaboration with our clients. We don’t see ourselves as external consultants, rather as part of a collaborative team that always achieves a successful result. 



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Dr. Albert Neumann

Managing Director and Partner

„The combination of management consulting, technical expertise and a clear industry focus gives Strategy Engineers a unique selling proposition“

Hegenbart Frank 400x600

Frank Hegenbart


“Strategic and technical expertise combined with our passion for excellence and innovation creates substantial value for our clients in the automotive and technology focused industry!”

portrait kieckebusch 400

Martin Kieckebusch


“Better solutions, better products – we deliver real value to our customers.“

portrait koehler 400

Christian Koehler


“SE connects a passion for technology and cars in a unique way”

portrait spreitzer 400

Dr. Oliver Spreitzer


“By combining strategic vision with technical expertise, we are offering our customers a unique consulting service.”

MG 4293

Cheng Xie


“Strategy Engineers offers practical and executable solutions to foster a long-term growth strategy – we win side by side with our clients”

Ulf Koenig Mgmt

Ulf König


„Long term success requires continuous transformation. Strategy Engineers offers deep expertise, a unique team and proven methods to help clients to master this challenge.“