Five reasons to join Strategy Engineers
Five reasons to join Strategy Engineers
Five reasons to join Strategy Engineers

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5 Reasons to Choose Strategy Engineers

It’s about exceptional consulting with ‘Drive’

There’s one thing that above all else connects us at Strategy Engineers: a fascination with our customers’ technology and the passion to change things for the better. We’re completely at home at the interface between technology and strategy. We use our relatively small team with a lot of ‘Drive’ and flat hierarchies to help our customers become better. We place a lot of value on team spirit, a fulfilled life outside of work, and we value a sense of entrepreneurship that also helps us ensure we develop our own company. 

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Consultancy at the interface between strategy and technology

Strategy Engineers has a clear industry focus. This ensures that our consultants operate in this field and gather targeted experience right up to the highest level of management within technology firms. Our customers benefit from this in turn. 

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Flat hierarchies

Our communication depends on the shortest route, not on hierarchical connections. All our employees nurture close contacts with partners and benefit directly from their industry and consulting experience. We lead our company through shared values. That makes every one of us personally responsible for the success of the company

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Team spirit

Mutual support and an open, friendly atmosphere characterise the community at Strategy Engineers. The team concept is always central to everything we do and guaranties we achieve the best results for our customers. All our colleagues have a track record of exceptional academic achievement, and are engaged in a wide range of activities in their free time. As a result, every consultant brings their own individual capabilities from which the whole team benefits. 

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Actively shape the company with us and turn yourself into an entrepreneur! We engage with the company in many different ways including marketing, recruiting, training or the publication of studies. You can also discover new fields through which you can contribute and prove your strengths.

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Lifetime Consulting

Our “Lifetime Consulting” philosophy ensures that work and life are in perfect harmony for every employee. Every single consultant should have enough time to lead a fulfilling personal life. Our aspiration is to find the right answer for the specific life situations of every employee. 

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