Strategy Engineers application process
Strategy Engineers application process
Strategy Engineers application process

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Application Process

The interview: An interesting discussion, not a cross-examination

Job interviews should not be one-way streets. It’s also important to us that you have the opportunity to get to know us better. That’s why we offer multiple conversations with different colleagues that have varying levels of experience. In every interview, you get the chance to meet our team in person and ask us about ourselves and our work. 

Our application process

Our interview process consists of three rounds of interviews, within each of which you will usually get to know two consultants. However, the process is also adjusted flexibly according to the specific situation. The interviews usually run as follows:

 Throughout the application process we will keep you updated about the status. We’ll be in touch shortly after every completed interview. If we decide not to proceed with the process, you’ll receive feedback from the consultants that you spoke with. 

Personality interview

The purpose of the personality interview is to get to know you better. Use the presentation of your life and career so far to convince us about your personality! If you’ve been invited to an interview, we’ve already studied your CV in detail. In this part of the process, we’re also interested in finding out what’s hiding between the lines. For example, what challenging situations have you faced in your life and how did you overcome them? When did you deliver exceptionally well? What are your passions? And most importantly: what drives you on the inside, and why do you think you’re a good fit for Strategy Engineers? 

Case Interview

Through the case interview, we want to challenge you with a problem that is completely new to you. It will reflect a typical situation that you would have to face in your daily work as a consultant. We’ll discuss a specific topic with you that we actually dealt with in a project. The interview usually starts with a short introduction from the interviewers. Then you need to answer the questions we put to you step by step. The character of the interview is a discussion with your interviewer, not a question and answer session. Impress us with your analytical capabilities, your structured approach and your communication skills!