Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions

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Can I work on a Bachelor or Masters thesis at Strategy Engineers?

Yes. If we are convinced about your capabilities, we will find an appropriate topic for your work. Ideally you should gather experience with us as an apprentice first. The topics must be closely related to current projects. That‘s how you get a good insight into our customers’ current issues. 

Is there an “Up or out” policy at Strategy Engineers, as there is at other consultancies?

There is no fixed ‘requirement’ to move up the career ladder here. If you feel comfortable at a particular level e.g. as a project leader, you are not forced to either progress or leave the company.  This approach ensures open communication about the expectations of both our employees and the company, in terms of your career planning. It’s an important part of our company culture. 

How do you ensure that I receive regular feedback about my work?

We have made the effort to create a well-defined feedback culture at Strategy Engineers. From our perspective, the most valuable feedback is always situation relevant i.e. usually during daily project work. In addition, we run a formal feedback process at the end of every project via the project leader, as well as annual reviews focused on employee evaluation and/or development. 

Will Strategy Engineers support me with my doctorate?

Yes. There are multiple ways in which we support this. For example, one of our employees has recently gone to university to pursue an interesting research project. We prefer models through which we can address the current issues of customers and industries more deeply. This allows us to actively guide the process for our employees. 

Are there fixed programmes that cater for sabbaticals or personal leave of absence?

We have no formal programme, but nothing is impossible! In accordance with our “Lifetime Consulting” approach, we want to ensure that our employees stay with us for the long term. That’s why we always try to find the best solution for every individual.  

How does exchange take place between the international sites?

Exchange between Strategy Engineers offices is well defined e.g. through weekly updates. With our colleagues at the AVL Group, we work together very pragmatically whenever our projects demand it. 

Can I work on projects abroad?

Yes! Many of our projects are international and require consultants to work abroad onsite at the customer. Depending on the project emphasis, many projects are also supported from our Munich office.

Can I secure an internship at an international office?

Customers are at the heart of our work. That means we orient ourselves around their projects, not our offices. We usually assign interns to our office in Munich. But you will often be required to work abroad as well.