Worldwide opportunities - think global, act local!
Worldwide opportunities - think global, act local!
Worldwide opportunities - think global, act local!

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Worldwide Opportunities

"Think global, act local”

Our customers are globally successful. That means it’s important for us to have an expert presence in every local market. We achieve this by relying on AVL’s worldwide network that covers every major automotive industry centre. But we also open targeted Strategy Engineers offices in locations that are important for our customers. One recent example is our new office in Shanghai, from which we support our customers with local management consultancy in the challenging Chinese market. Thinking globally and international exchange are important elements in the development of our consultants. 

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Dedicated consultants onsite for our customers

Strategy Engineers is headquartered in Munich. Most of our consultants work out of this office, and travel to clients primarily in Europe, but also in Asia or the USA. So that we can support our customers optimally, our objective is to build up teams of Strategy Engineers consultants in all the most important automotive markets. In addition to our German offices in Munich and Hamburg, we have a presence in the USA (through our sister company “scenaria”), in Sweden and in China. The Strategy Engineers international offices exchange information regularly, which benefits every employee in their daily work for our customers. 

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China in focus

High growth markets in Asia, and the Chinese market in particular, are of great interest to our customers. That’s why in addition to our comprehensive activities with the AVL Group, we have also opened a Chinese Strategy Engineers office in Shanghai. This allows our consultants to collect valuable experience, either onsite or thorough our Chinese colleagues, that we can then use to serve our customers. Outside of specific projects, our consultants also gather diverse insights into Chinese culture. 

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Part of the automotive industry

Through the AVL Group, we are part of the automotive industry, and cover all the most important global automotive markets. Our consultants can use the local expertise of AVL partners to benefit their customers, and understand local markets and companies better. It’s always remarkable how our work benefits from exchange with local experts and the accommodation of different outlooks. For example, in terms of the challenges of the Asian market, we have noticed very quickly in conversations with colleagues that many important factors would not be accounted for without specific knowledge of local conditions. 


How does exchange take place between the international sites?

Exchange between Strategy Engineers offices is well defined e.g. through weekly updates. With our colleagues at the AVL Group, we work together very pragmatically whenever our projects demand it. 

Can I work on projects abroad?

Yes! Many of our projects are international and require consultants to work abroad onsite at the customer. Depending on the project emphasis, many projects are also supported from our Munich office.

Can I secure an internship at an international office?

Customers are at the heart of our work. That means we orient ourselves around their projects, not our offices. We usually assign interns to our office in Munich. But you will often be required to work abroad as well.