Your development at Strategy Engineers
Your development at Strategy Engineers
Your development at Strategy Engineers

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Your Development

Our employees are Strategy Engineers

At Strategy Engineers, we want to deliver the biggest possible successes for our customers. Our ‘product’ is the qualifications of our employees and the way they complement one another within a team. The personal success and development of our employees matters to us, because they are central to the success of our company. The most important factor involved in your steep learning curve will be collaboration with our customers. In addition to project work, we also have an internal training programme that will help you develop your specialist and social competencies further. Because every one of our employees is unique, we aim to find the right answer for the life situation of each employee through our ‘lifetime consulting’ approach. 

Learning is permanent problem solving

Our company culture is based on the assumption that all employees develop through the self-sufficient development of solutions to customer problems. Gathering experience through direct application in this way is irreplaceable as far as we are concerned. In addition, you have a wealth of opportunities available to you from Day 1. We get our young consultants involved in a project as quickly as possible. You will take direct responsibility for- and solve complex challenges for our clients. You will also receive targeted support from experienced colleagues. What’s more, you will take on responsibilities related to the growth of Strategy Engineers, and you will enjoy a high degree of autonomy as you do so. This entrepreneurial environment is an important element of our corporate culture.  

An important extension of your daily project work

Your personal and professional development is an important element in our company. The SE Academy offers you a comprehensive training program that supports you to develop your knowledge and skills regardless if you are a Business Analyst or a Partner.

“Core Consulting Skills”, “Technical Knowledge” and “Expert Knowledge” are the three training blocks offered by the SE Academy. With the first block we aim to strengthen and consolidate the basic skills that every consultant uses on a daily base. Among others, we offer rhetoric, cultural and presentation trainings as well as tool trainings for Excel and PowerPoint. The second and the third blocks are focused on advanced and technical subjects that make the SE consultant’s expertise unique within the strategic consultancy landscape. The “Technical Knowledge” block gives you a deep understanding of our client’s products and related challenges. In particular, we have the opportunity to conduct trainings with our colleagues at AVL, e.g. for deepening your understanding of electrified powertrains or advanced driver assistance systems. The “Expert Knowledge” block addresses topics that can be used directly in our client projects, e.g. business economics or product cost optimization. As we believe that the practical application helps to deepen and solidify the theory, each training session contains exercises or case studies to be solved in Teams.

Despite we have several scheduled events per year for comprehensive trainings, we also run trainings based on the individual demand of each consultant. To make trainings available for all our employees in Europe and China, we provide online and live sessions. In addition, you can benefit at any time from our online training material either as documentation or video session to look up specific facts or to refresh your knowledge.

Every employee is unique!

All our employees have a life outside of consulting. In fact, we don’t see ‘life’ as the opposite of ’work’ as the phrase “work/life balance“ suggests. For us, they belong together and at Strategy Engineers, they are both in perfect harmony. Everyone has different ideas about how they want to construct their ‘model’. That's why we’re convinced that a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach doesn’t exist. We have employees that are striving for a promotion, and others that are doing a part-time MBA. Still others want to take a personal time-out to pursue their own dreams, whether that means travelling the world or supporting a social project. And some would rather spend more time with their young, growing families. Our aspiration is to find the right answer for every employee and company perspective, so that even with an extremely demanding job, the question of ‘either, or’ never arises. That’s the philosophy behind “Lifetime Consulting” at Strategy Engineers

Learn from the experiences of others!

As soon as you join us, you’ll receive support from an experienced mentor (Manager, Principal or Partner), who is your ‘official’ advisor and career coach. In your regular meetings you’ll talk about relevant personal issues, but also about your further development, feedback and requests. In this way, you’ll benefit directly from the valuable experience that your mentor has accumulated during his or her professional career. The conversations are treated with a high level of confidentiality. In addition, your mentor will coordinate your annual review process, and ensure that feedback and your objectives are both well defined, and achievable.  


Will Strategy Engineers support me with my doctorate?

Yes. There are multiple ways in which we support this. For example, one of our employees has recently gone to university to pursue an interesting research project. We prefer models through which we can address the current issues of customers and industries more deeply. This allows us to actively guide the process for our employees. 

Are there fixed programmes that cater for sabbaticals or personal leave of absence?

We have no formal programme, but nothing is impossible! In accordance with our “Lifetime Consulting” approach, we want to ensure that our employees stay with us for the long term. That’s why we always try to find the best solution for every individual.