Your entry and your career at Strategy Engineers
Your entry and your career at Strategy Engineers
Your entry and your career at Strategy Engineers

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Your Entry and Your Career

The best strategy for your career

Experience the work of a strategic consultant as an intern at Strategy Engineers. Or join as a young graduate and get started on one of our projects right away by applying the knowledge you already have. We also offer multiple employment opportunities to candidates with professional experience. Start your career today with one of the leading strategy and management consultancies in the automotive sector. Strategy Engineers looks forward to hearing from you!

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Be part of the team, right from the start

At Strategy Engineers, you take part instead of just watching, right from the start. In terms of the selection and employment of our interns, we rarely work any differently from graduate recruiters. You will immediately become part of a project team, take on responsibility and work together with our experienced consultants as a valued team member, ideally onsite at the customer. You will be responsible for key project tasks as well as analyses, and present your own results. Take your chance to experience the diverse daily tasks of a consultant, and have a direct influence on the success of our customers. 

Solve problems - by working directly with the customer

From the first day, you’ll be fully involved on projects and work directly with our customers. We believe this kind of valuable ‘on the job’ training is the quickest way to learn the analytic- and results-oriented methodologies used at Strategy Engineers. After you join us, you’ll get the chance to work on projects involving different industries and companies. Our established internal feedback process, as well as specific training, will help you develop your qualifications further and enable you to take on more and more project responsibility. Our business analysts are typically responsible for clearly defined project modules, sophisticated quantitative data analyses, qualitative research and interviews, as well as the creation of customer presentations. 

Take on more responsibility – as a key driver of project success

Our Associate level represents the further development of the Business Analyst role, as well as the level at which you can join with three or four years of relevant professional experience. As an Associate you build expert knowledge in a specific area and take on responsibility for defined work streams. You also educate younger employees and act as a sparring partner for colleagues and customers. Associates work closely with our clients to acquire a deep understanding of competitive advantages, to effect change, help make decisions on strategic and operational solutions, and work on their execution. 

Manager your own project – as the customer’s primary contact person

Our Managers develop leadership capabilities and are responsible for projects, always with the approval of the relevant Principal or Partner. You keep an eye on the entire project without losing sight of the details. A Manager is the specialist team leader and ensures that projects are completed within the designated time, quality and budget parameters. He/she ensures that every opinion within the team is respected, and drives creative thinking. Managers use the complete range of project management methodologies, are experts in our clients’ problems and industries, and recommend solutions that make a real difference. Our Managers are also – just like Principals and Partners – official mentors for their younger colleagues. 

Lead multiple project teams and help develop our company

Principals at Strategy Engineers are the senior managers for the project teams, the customer and our own organisation. They advise clients about complex problems – even outside the scope of any particular project – and nurture relationships over a long period of time. Principals are part of the Strategy Engineers management team, take on a variety of leadership tasks, broaden their fields of expertise and support other employees in developing their careers. Our Principals play an important role in the definition of our customers’ strategic agendas. Together with our Partners, Principals also acquire new business with existing- and new customers, and develop innovative solutions for our target industries. 

Steer the company – as an industry expert and thought leader

Partners are largely responsible for defining the Strategy Engineers culture. They are simultaneously the shareholders and most senior managers within our company. As thought leaders, they create innovative solution approaches internally and for our clients. They drive the business forward, build existing customer relationships and create new ones. They’re extraordinary solutions influence the agendas of our clients and achieve positive change in their businesses. Partners help our clients interpret the rules of the game, but also demonstrate how the rules can change. All our Partners are proven experts in their respective areas and industries. They are also responsible for representing our company at conferences, in the press and wherever relevant specialist topics are being discussed


Can I work on a Bachelor or Masters thesis at Strategy Engineers?

Yes. If we are convinced about your capabilities, we will find an appropriate topic for your work. Ideally you should gather experience with us as an apprentice first. The topics must be closely related to current projects. That‘s how you get a good insight into our customers’ current issues. 

Is there an “Up or out” policy at Strategy Engineers, as there is at other consultancies?

There is no fixed ‘requirement’ to move up the career ladder here. If you feel comfortable at a particular level e.g. as a project leader, you are not forced to either progress or leave the company.  This approach ensures open communication about the expectations of both our employees and the company, in terms of your career planning. It’s an important part of our company culture. 

How do you ensure that I receive regular feedback about my work?

We have made the effort to create a well-defined feedback culture at Strategy Engineers. From our perspective, the most valuable feedback is always situation relevant i.e. usually during daily project work. In addition, we run a formal feedback process at the end of every project via the project leader, as well as annual reviews focused on employee evaluation and/or development.