Working at Strategy Engineers
Working at Strategy Engineers
Working at Strategy Engineers

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Working at Strategy Engineers

Value-based working

At Strategy Engineers, our conduct is defined by four key values that underpin everything we do. First and foremost is team spirit. Professionalism at all times is also a must, both externally and internally. The conclusions we reach are always based on informed analyses and our industry experience. Finally, we are always relentlessly focused on implementation feasibility for our customers. 

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Success grows through the team

Team spirit is at the heart of our work here. Identifying problems quickly, developing solutions, communicating them to our clients and then implementing them, are all only possible with project teams that contain a range of competencies and individual strengths. Mutual support is therefore absolutely essential for successful projects. Every team member benefits from the capabilities of their colleagues, and vice versa. An ‘up or out’ principle is completely alien to us. That’s our definition of teamwork. 

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Professionalism is no accident

Our work is informed by a high level of professionalism in all our dealings with customers and colleagues. This requires a clear definition of the values, standards and rules of engagement that consistently influence our daily activities. We interpret professionalism not just through specialist knowledge and capabilities, but also through the ability to deal with challenging situations and the demonstration of total commitment to our clients. We’re always working towards a common objective – significantly and continuously improving the performance of our customers. 

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Informed analyses and experience build trust

We always base recommendations for our customers on hard facts and figures that we have either gathered ourselves, or that have been provided by our clients. One of our most important tasks is to select the relevant data from the flood of information that we receive, and check our hypotheses against it. That’s why we demand that our consultants are able to structure and assess data and – if necessary – generate it from scratch e.g., through highly targeted interviews. This is the only way we can win the trust of our customers and convince them about the value of our work. 

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Always have feasibility in mind

We don’t produce recommendations for customers to be filed in a drawer. Our high level of industry experience, combined with informed analyses, always results in solutions that our customers can actually implement.