2018 07 SE Germany web
2018 07 SE Germany web
2018 07 SE Germany web

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Introducing Strategy Engineers

There’s a team of highly qualified and interesting people waiting for you at Strategy Engineers. Everyone here has studied at respected universities and has an outstanding track record in consultancy or industry, depending on their career stage. They combine the enthusiasm for dealing with our customers’ challenges with the drive to continuously take our company forward. What’s more, every Strategy Engineers employee values a fulfilling life outside of work, and pursues a wide range of personal goals, from training to become a state-approved ski instructor, to climbing Kilimanjaro, or planning a family. 


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Jana Mühlig

Business Analyst

“Challenging and exciting projects with a strategic focus and technological background while working in a great team – that’s why working at Strategy Engineers is so special.”

During my studies in industrial engineering and management at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, I got the chance to gain insights into both automotive industry and consultancy. I knew that I wanted to combine both my interest in technics but also in strategic issues, and as a boutique consultancy with a focus on the automotive industry, Strategy Engineers combines these topics perfectly.

In my time at Strategy Engineers, I have developed a technology roadmap for an engine manufacturer, analysed markets for innovative vehicle technologies and supported an increase in the profitability of a unique product from one of our customers. All these projects required deep technological understanding and strategic vision.

In addition to exciting projects, Strategy Engineers stands out through genuine team spirit, a high level of responsibility and the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth of our company. For example, every employee here is responsible for internal projects as well as client work. A sense of community is at the heart of everything we do. We always visit the customer onsite as a team, and work together to find a solution to their challenging issues. It’s this kind of close collaboration that turns colleagues into friends. I think it is great that we can actively shape our company and are able to individually contribute to the success – our success!

Tobias Stahl


„Consulting meets Technology – Strategy Engineers’ tag line is the pinnacle of what I experience in our projects. We support our clients in strategic questions which emerge around the technology they are building their businesses on and around.”

What do you do, if you are enthusiastic about technology but always end up considering entrepreneurial questions just as much? For me, this combination of interests led to studying “Technology Management” at Technische Universität München, a mix of business administration and mechanical engineering. Encouraged by my first steps as an intern at the in-house consulting of a leading German automotive premium OEM, I visited Strategy Engineers to experience consulting from an external perspective. Soon after, I decided to start my professional career at Strategy Engineers. As an Associate, I get to work on the latest challenges our international clients are facing and take responsibility for workstreams within our project. In turn, I can not only apply and develop the knowledge I acquired at university, but more important further develop both my expertise and myself as a person.

During my time with Strategy Engineers, I got to work on projects across Europe in various industries ranging from automotive to industrial gears and wind energy – a great opportunity to apply my knowledge and develop implementable and sustainable solutions for our clients. A great success factor doing this has always been our highly motivated and talented team.

Within Strategy Engineers, I actively engage in developing the company which is an important part of my job. Being a part of a small consultancy opens several opportunities to get involved like participating in growing knowledge, driving marketing initiatives and communications or improving internal processes and practices.

When off the job I am a passionate mountain biker riding my bike at the world’s most beautiful places and occasionally standing at the starting line of race.

Ulf König


"At Strategy Engineers we support our clients to find the right answers to their most challenging questions – and thus help them to be successful in the market place."

I have always been fascinated by figuring out how things work and improving them. This goes for technology as well as business. Sub-sequentially, I have studied mechanical engineering and economics at the RWTH Aachen. Ever since, I have moved on to follow that passion. In my professional life I have had the chance to dig deep into technology – discussing engineering design questions and product innovation ideas with the engineers – as well as deriving growth strategies, innovation concepts and R&D efficiency measures with top management.

I enjoy working in an international environment and I am very happy to have worked and lived in the USA, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Sweden, and China.

Being at Strategy Engineers is special to me for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, the projects in which we support our clients are always exciting, innovative and right at the junction of technology and strategy, giving me the opportunity to grow personally and professionally. Secondly, the team at Strategy Engineers is a great combination of experienced consultants and dynamic junior consultants. Last but definitely not least, Strategy Engineers is still a young company which gives each one of us the chance to take responsibility and to actively be part of the firm’s development.

When I am not working I enjoy travelling, being active (skiing, diving, soccer, …) and motorsports.

Christian Koehler


"Strategy Engineers creates tremendous value for its clients through better products and processes. What sets us apart is that we live and breathe technology, and that we implement new solutions until they work."

I have studied economics and engineering, and enjoy working with problems from both domains. Having lived in China for 6 years, what fascinates me are global organizations and product strategies that bridge diverse customer requirements. Consulting provides the perfect platforms for me to work with different people every day. Recently, that includes work for clients that are active in Europe and China, which brings its own set of cultural and technical challenges.

I am part of a partner team that is immensely collegial and supportive. We enjoy great freedom in the way we manage our business. With the support from our mother company AVL, we can offer a unique combination of strategic and technological expertise, which is unmatched in the consulting market.
Being at Strategy Engineers inspires me because we work with great clients and have a great team. Many positive referrals from our clients are testament to the great quality of our work. Since most of our clients are global, we work for them across Europe and Asia, which offers many opportunities to work and travel to us. We are growing quickly, and that is something that we all enjoy very much. We all engage in “firm-building” and spend a lot of time to improve how we deliver our services to our clients.
In my spare time, I enjoy travelling, good food and wine, diving and driving my 1958 Austin Healey.