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Aerospace and Transport

Strategic thrust for more growth

The aerospace and transport industry uses some long-established processes, such as those in quality control. Nevertheless, large commercial manufacturers like Airbus, Boeing and Siemens struggle to meet their delivery deadlines for new programmes. Examples include the A380 from Airbus, the B787 Dreamliner from Boeing, or the ICE Velaro from Siemens. All experienced big delays in their initial deliveries. The challenges for our customers in these areas are the result of significantly increased complexity. We have successfully supported clients in the aerospace and transport industries, and we use all our experience in other industries with similar challenges to identify and implement best practices.

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Project example

Definition of a growth strategy

Customer Problem:
  • A leading mechanical engineering company was not taking full advantage of significant growth in the aerospace customer segment
  • The project objective was the definition of a long-term growth plan to achieve a market share of more than 10%
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Analyse the market situation and internal business performance, as well as the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses in terms of the organisation, its products and technological competence
  • Definition of short- and long-term measures as part of a long-term growth strategy
  • Optimisation of the sales structure and customer prioritisation (especially for Key Accounts)
  • Organisational bundling of aerospace-specific technological competencies
  • Revision of the product development roadmap to fulfil aerospace-specific requirements
  • Achievement of long-term 10% market share objective after just 1.5 years