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Automotive – Commercial Vehicles

Consolidation and new business models

Strategy Engineers has a dedicated truck sector practice, with industry wide recognized experts. Our customers don‘t need to spend time explaining the truck business fundaments, instead we can directly start realizing their objective or defining and implementing new strategies.
We believe that the truck industry has a great future. However, cost pressures, stricter legislation and technology challenges are compounded by more demanding customers and a consolidating industry structure, posing ever greater challenges for the commercial vehicle industry. Our experts understand how these trends affect your organisation, and they can help you resolve them successfully.

Our services (selection)

Project examples

Market entry for a light truck

Customer Problem:
  • Product development and positioning of a light truck for emerging markets
  • Due to acquisitions, there were different vehicle concepts across the global product organisation that needed to be consolidated, without losing customers
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Brand and concept development within the context of dynamic segment development
  • Benchmarking against three competitive vehicles at a global level – within the context of technical and economic characteristics
  • Definition of vertical integration and an efficient global production network
  • New light truck product family introduced
  • High market acceptance: more than 15% over previous combined market share

Market entry in emerging economies

Customer problem:
  • Our customer needed a market entry strategy for emerging markets
  • Our task was to define region-specific product requirements, or extract them from the existing product portfolio.
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Market-, segment- and customer analysis for trucks and relevant service products
  • Analysis of the regulations, costs and benefits associated with a local acquisition
  • Dynamic competitive analysis and definition of key success factors for new products
  • Definition of a roadmap for the expansion of local truck production
  • Market entry on time and within budget
  • Problem-free start to local production

Definition of a growth strategy

Customer Problem:
  • Our customer asked us to help define and implement a growth strategy for an OEM truck
  • They wanted organic and inorganic growth potential to be assessed equally
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Analyse global market development and the strategies of key competitors
  • Define M&A criteria and a shortlist of possible targets for a detailed assessment
  • Global scenario analysis
  • Implementation of a regional growth strategy
  • Initial contact made with possible acquisition targets

Customer testimonials

“The project has helped us exploit new market potential and increase revenues by 20% as a result.“

Head of Strategy, Global Truck OEM

“We are very confident about the cost reduction that we can achieve together with Strategy Engineers.“ 

Head of Programme Management, Global Truck OEM