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Automotive – Suppliers

Success factor flexibility

The automotive industry, and its suppliers in particular, are engaged in a continuous process of change and progressive rejuvenation. Future markets are developing and require a flexible and fast adaptation of suppliers’ value chain structures. Revolutionary propulsion technologies and the increasing networking of vehicles open up new opportunities and possibilities. Strategy Engineers is helping to shape this dynamic industry, and is ready to support you with innovative and individual concepts for increasing flexibility and agility. 

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Project examples

Redesign of the development and production network

Customer Problem:
  • An established development and production network was suffering from inefficiency caused by redundancy in tasks, competencies and responsibilities at different sites.
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Redesign of the development network
  • Redesign of the production network
  • Demonstration and exploitation of positive effects and synergies created by optimised cooperation between development and production
  • Refreshed, agile and technology-driven site network
  • Efficiency potential realised at different sites

Early integration of suppliers into product development

Customer Problem:
  • A customer company had already missed important milestones and, through inadequate/late integration of suppliers into the development process, had to expend additional effort in reaching them.
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Optimisation of milestone planning and the sub-processes within the product development process
  • Improvement of cross-functional cooperation within the project team
  • Efficient integration of suppliers
  • Reduced complexity in collaboration with suppliers, realisation of efficiency potential
  • Better, faster access to supplier innovations

Expansion of the customer-facing operation

Customer Problem:
  • An organisation belonging to an automotive supplier, that had grown organically and through acquisition, was confronted with a high level of coordination effort between the decentralised customer teams of the different business units.
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Definition of a customer-oriented organisation across all business units
  • Description of the most important processes, roles, and responsibilities across the entire customer interaction process
  • Implementation of the appropriate metrics and incentive system
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction through simplified interfaces
  • Increased prices through the avoidance of business unit price competition
  • Increased revenues through better exploitation of business potential e.g. through cross-selling