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Renewable Energy

A fresh breeze for your enterprise

The energy transition and the crisis in Crimea provide clear signs that an intelligent expansion of renewable energy in central Europe is unavoidable. However, as one of the pioneering nations in the development of solar technology, Germany can only watch as the majority of solar modules are delivered from Asia. In wind energy too, China has already established a leadership position. In 2013, almost 50% of the newly installed 35,000MW of wind energy capacity installed around the world was deployed in China. It was only in 2014 that Chinese manufacturers got the go-ahead for a significant delivery of 44 wind turbines to Western Europe. How can the European clean technology companies secure this future market for themselves? Strategy Engineers provides the answers. With our extensive experience in this sector, we have supported clients with the purchase of wind turbines and hydroelectric equipment with a total capacity of 800MW. We have also developed operation and servicing strategies for wind energy providers, and optimised product costs either through maintenance or by enhancing functionality. 

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Our expertise in the automotive and aerospace industries helps us develop success concepts for clean-tech companies:

Project examples

Procurement support for wind turbines

Purpose of the project:
  • Purchase of more than 100 wind turbines with a total capacity of around 260 MW, and an investment of around 300 Mio € for a Scandinavian energy provider
  • Through the application of Strategy Engineers’ 5 step procurement process that prioritised the establishment of a competitive effect between the providers, the customer will realise around 60 Mio € of additional net cash value 

Wind power service market analysis

  • Strategy Engineers conducted a market study for a Swedish wind energy provider, in order to develop alternative operational concepts for wind parks in Sweden
  • Core elements of the study included expert interviews with wind energy providers, manufacturers and independent service providers
  • On the one hand, the study established the prerequisites for a functioning market for independent service providers (ISP)
  • On the other hand, the pros and cons of different service providers were assessed both quantitatively and qualitatively
  • For example the study showed that with a hybrid approach that combines services from different providers, up to 40% of lifecycle costs (OPEX) can be saved

Wind turbine value engineering

Wind Turbine OEM companies need to reduce product cost significantly and thus improve their competitiveness by executing a value engineering initiative.

Key challenges and lessons learned in value engineering projects have included:

  • Insufficient repository of cost reduction ideas. A structured approach from long-list to short-list, is often missing.
  • Ideas are rejected too early. Lack of consistent and purely fact-based methodology to review ideas.
  • Limited out-of-the box thinking and involvement of external expertise, e.g. through experts and suppliers.
  • Value engineering often pursued as a side-activity, but it’s a high exposure project that requires a substantial time commitment and clear objectives.
  • Recognition of product cost in late stages of R&D projects. Value engineering should be established as an integrated functional expertise throughout the R&D process.

Strategy Engineers has extensive experience in value engineering and product cost reduction in the automotive industry, and has successfully transferred best practices to the wind power industry.


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