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Mobility Services: New markets with disruptive threats to automotive OEMs on the rise

“Mobility services” has become one of the hot topics in strategy departments of most automotive OEMs and automotive suppliers.
What mobility services really are and how they will develop is rather vague. Their main enabler is the availability of real-time location based information virtually everywhere and anytime on smartphones and other Internet-enabled devices.
With increasing traffic congestions in urban areas and a decreasing affinity of younger target groups to personal vehicles, mobility services aim at fulfilling the need of getting from A to B safely, fast, reliably, conveniently and efficiently. This has a severe impact on the role of passenger cars: They will no longer be the heart of personal mobility but an important part of the mobility chain.
In this viewpoint we share our thinking about the future of mobility services, the competitive landscapes expected to arise as well as risks and opportunities for automotive OEMs and suppliers.

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