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klienten Unternehmensstrategie 2 940x320
klienten Unternehmensstrategie 2 940x320

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Corporate Strategy

Long-term strategies for the success of your business

Market dynamics, the advent of new technologies, or changes in the competitive environment force companies to continuously adapt their long-term strategies and organisational focus. Strategy Engineers supports businesses in reviewing, developing and implementing long-term strategies within the context of regular planning processes as well as for dedicated projects. This helps our clients shape their organizations to be continuously competitive. 

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Project examples

Development of a diversification strategy

Customer Problem:
  • A leading automotive supplier of combustion engine components wanted to diversify its business activities
  • The goal was the development of a strategy to expand the business outside of the combustion engine and/or automotive sector
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Analysis of the company’s specific competencies
  • Identification of future high-potential business areas with good chances of success, and definition of the required investments
  • Consolidation of the results into a consistent, long-term diversification strategy
  • Definition of a growth- and diversification strategy to produce an increase in business of 50% over that generated by the existing core activities
  • Detailed implementation and timing plan

Creating a customer-oriented organisation

Customer Problem:
  • A leading mechanical engineering company was not taking full advantage of significant growth in the aerospace customer segment
  • The goal of the project was the definition of a long-term growth plan to achieve a market share of more than 10%
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Analysis of the market situation, internal business performance and the company’s internal strengths and weaknesses in terms of the organisation, its products and technological competence
  • Definition of short- and long-term measures as part of a long-term growth strategy
  • Optimisation of the sales structure and customer prioritisation (especially for Key Accounts)
  • Organisational bundling of aerospace-specific technological competencies
  • Revision of the product development roadmap to fulfil aerospace-specific requirements
  • Achievement of long-term 10% market share objective after just 1.5 years

Acquisition strategy realignment

Customer Problem:
  • A leading railway infrastructure supplier intending to realize growth potential through external acquisitions had been unable to find a suitable acquisition target
  • The objective was to review and realign the acquisition strategy
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Analyse the measures already implemented, the acquisitions process and decisions already made e.g. regarding previous purchase opportunities
  • Review and define other railway infrastructure segments with potential synergies for the client
  • Optimisation of the acquisition process in terms of deal flow and ROI considerations for potential acquisitions
  • 50% increase in deal flow
  • Extension of purchase price and financing parameters