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Innovation and Product Strategy

Channelling innovative spirit

The ability to innovate is one of the central strengths of successful businesses, enabling them to survive in increasingly volatile and competitive markets. Executing on that innovation involves understanding customer requirements, recognising potential, assessing risks and making decisions early and systematically. Finding the right balance between customer benefits, technical specifications, quality and costs plays a crucial role here. Strategy Engineers supports you in guiding your innovation processes, enhancing your product portfolio and developing strategies to help your technologies and products succeed.  

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Project examples

Technology and product strategy 2025

Customer Problem:
  • A global Tier 1 supplier needed a technology- and product strategy for the next one to two product generations, in order to maintain competitiveness
  • The supplier was very successful in its sector, but competitors had been encroaching on its traditional business for some time
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Development of over 300 ideas in the first phase, based on a stringent structuring of the market and application scope
  • Prioritisation of the ideas based on a holistic potential- and risk analysis, and the selection of the 10 highest potential ideas for further development
  • Definition of a technology roadmap for the pre-development, development and testing of new technologies

Concept development for a compact vehicle platform

Customer Problem:
  • A global OEM was developing a new, high-volume platform for compact vehicles in the US, EU and emerging markets
  • The starting point was characterised by achieving aggressive cost targets without reducing quality from a customer perspective
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Definition of the best compromise between quality, cost and performance in a structured process for each platform module, with involvement of the relevant suppliers
  • >30% reduction in material costs for the complete platform, and >45% for individual components

Concept development for a sub-compact platform

Customer Problem:
  • A European OEM was developing a new platform for sub-compact vehicles in Europe and Asia 
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Adapt and increase the flexibility of the technical specifications based on an existing platform, in order to save costs
  • Simultaneously make targeted investments in specific areas e.g. cockpit, in order to increase the benefit for the customer
  • Involvement of suppliers to determine the best solution for this size of vehicle
  • >15% reduction in material costs for the entire platform

Customer testimonials

“We decided to partner with the Strategy Engineers because their professional capabilities complemented ours in meeting project requirements. We were thoroughly impressed with how they blended their in-depth understanding of automotive engineering with business acumen. We were also impressed with the way Strategy Engineers worked. First-class analytics, always on-time deliverables, smooth communication, and a collaborative and flexible approach all exemplified their professionalism. Most of all, the Strategy Engineers team members were very pleasant to work with."

Client Project Manager, Passenger Car OEM