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Operations Management

Interoperability – the next stage of operational excellence

Up to now production and supply chain operations were subject to optimization of individual functions and processes within rather tight boundaries. Leading players take the next step and enhance their operational capabilities by focussing on the seamless interaction of all parts of their organization and business units within global networks of sites, suppliers and customers. Interoperability is key to reach sustainable competitiveness in increasingly globalized markets.
Digital technologies enable these interactions even across the company’s boundaries upstream towards suppliers and procurement market and downstream towards various sales channels and ultimately customers.
Our clients benefit in an extraordinary way from our holistic approach to reach coherent Interoperability – the next stage of operational excellence.

and many more of our innovative solutions support our individual approach for each client.

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Project examples

Optimisation of a production network

Customer Problem:
  • A growing and heterogeneously-structured production network in Germany had different service capabilities at various locations
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Definition of an optimised production network in Germany to fulfil future OEM requirements
  • Implementation of a location-agnostic production system based on lean management as well as measures to increase and optimise efficiency
  • Significant increase in the efficiency of cooperation between manufacturing locations
  • Realignment of the product range at each factory
  • Improvement of product industrialisation during handover from development to production

Reorganisation of the procurement function

Customer Problem:
  • The procurement function had not been developed during internationalisation
  • Strategy Engineers had to improve the suboptimal processes and right-size the organisation
Strategy Engineers Apporach:
  • Process optimisation/ redesign
  • Realignment of the procurement network
  • Right-sizing of the new organisation including implementation support
  • Reduced processing times during procurement projects
  • Early integration of suppliers into the product development process
  • Benefit from the advantages of local east European procurement markets
  • More efficient use of resources

Central quality management design

Customer Problem:
  • A mobility provider had different quality management approaches and functions within each division, resulting in a lack of transparency, high management effort and poor quality KPIs
  • Central coordination and management was identified as the solution to the problem
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Internal benchmarking of the decentralized QM functions and identification of “best-of-company“
  • Definition of the goals, tasks and roles of the central QM function, with direct reporting to the an CEO
  • Implementation management
  • Appreciation of QM internally and increase in perception of quality externally
  • Standardization of divisional functions in terms of tasks, competencies and responsibilities
  • Cross-divisional use of experiences and synergies 

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