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Product Cost Optimisation

Pulling the right levers for cost reduction

Technology production companies feel exposed through continuously increasing globalisation and intensifying competition. In addition to technology leadership, internal cost structures in particular have become a decisive competitive factor. Strategy Engineers helps you optimise your product costs sustainably, thereby improving your margins significantly. The unique combination of a consulting firm’s methodological expertise, and a deep technical understanding of complex products, enables us to identify the right levers and make specific practical suggestions for cost optimisation. Numerous projects and benchmarks in the automotive and automotive supply industries, as well as for leading technology companies, support our successful approach to reducing your product costs.

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Project examples

Product cost optimisation for an automotive supplier

Project Objective:
  • Identification of cost reduction potential for selected components
  • Development of an idea catalogue and a prioritised implementation roadmap
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Analysis and evaluation of the function and product structure
  • Design review of the components, and joint generation of cost optimisation and change suggestions
  • Creation and evaluation of defined cost reduction measures
  • Creation of a prioritised implementation roadmap
  • Evaluated and approved cost reduction measures 
  • 13% reduction in product costs

  • Roadmap for simplified control over action implementation

Cost reduction for a new vehicle platform

Customer Problem:
  • A global OEM was developing a new, high-volume platform for compact vehicles in the US, EU and emerging markets
  • The starting point was characterised by achieving aggressive cost targets without reducing quality from a customer perspective
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Definition of the best compromise between quality, cost and performance in a structured process for each platform module, with involvement of the relevant suppliers
  • >30% reduction in material costs for the complete platform, and >45% for individual components

Customer testimonials

“The collaboration with Strategy Engineers wasn’t just fun, it was also constructive and delivered significant results. Thank you!"

Head of Purchasing and Supplier Network, Premium OEM

“Through their structured and results-oriented work, Strategy Engineers has laid the foundations for the achievement of our goals and increased the cost awareness of our employees permanently. I would definitely work with Strategy Engineers again.“

Head of Profitability Programme, Premium OEM

“Thank you so much for the excellent support. Thanks to your work we are a big step closer to our cost objectives.“ 

Programme Lead Product Cost-down, Premium OEM

"We have been extremely impressed by the job that the team has done within such a short timeframe. We really appreciated the quantitative market-driven approach, as well as the comprehensive analysis and the detailed final recommendations. Also, I really enjoyed the discussions we had and it was a genuine pleasure to come to Graz for the final meeting. Please give my thanks to all of the team."  

Vice-President Marketing & Product Management, Global Engine Manufacturer