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Product Development and R&D Efficiency

Development optimisation through technology and industry expertise

Ever-changing customer requirements, combined with increasing competition and price pressure, make research and development a key priority for many of our technology-driven customers. It’s not just our partnership with the AVL group and its 3,000 engineers that makes product development one of Strategy Engineers’ core competencies – it’s also our business management and technical expertise. Our clear industry focus makes our company the ideal partner for increasing development efficiency in many different areas.  

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Project examples

Creation of a development centre

Customer Problem:
  • A new ‘green field’ development centre was to be created, including all the structures and processes required for the development of joint vehicle architectures between two vehicle OEMs
  • The first program was a global C-segment architecture with very ambitious cost targets
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Definition of the organisation including set-up, decision making processes and meeting structures
  • Definition and Implementation of a milestone system for project step transparency
  • Definition of interfaces between the different development systems used by each vehicle OEM
  • Piloting of all defined processes and methodologies, and initiation of a continuous improvement process
  • Implementation of cost-down methodologies for the optimal development of vehicle architectures and systems
  • A globally-integrated development centre with one site in Asia and one in Europe
  • Processes, responsibilities and escalation structures established for the simultaneous development of multiple vehicle platforms and model variants
  • Realisation of a 30% cost reduction for all vehicle platform components
  • Implementation of a new standard process for supplier integration in the early concept phase 

Early integration of suppliers into product development

Customer Problem:
  • The inadequate or late integration of suppliers into the development process had led to additional effort and missed milestones
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Optimisation of milestone planning and the sub-processes within the product development process
  • Improvement of cross-functional cooperation within the project team
  • Efficient integration of suppliers
  • Reduced complexity when collaborating with suppliers, and the realisation of efficiency potential
  • Better, faster access to supplier innovations

Restructuring of a powertrain development department

Customer Problem:
  • The structures of a Premium OEM did not meet the requirements of a highly networked cooperation, especially in terms of new powertrain concepts
  • The organisation was confronted with a significant increase in new engine types in the coming years, that needed to be accommodated without significant increase in capacity
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Identification of focus areas for reorganisation
  • Series of workshops to identify the current problem areas and new approaches for future processes, final decision-making and incentive systems
  • Creation of the expanded organisation including strengthening of new areas and better use of synergies
  • Biggest reorganisation of the powertrain development in over 30 years  
  • New requirements for final decision-making across multiple sites

  • Realisation of efficiencies through simultaneous strengthening of new spheres of activity such as system integration, E/E and software architecture processes  


Customer testimonials

“I would like to say thank you for the energetic support, as well as the high level of engagement and commitment. The cooperation was characterized by an open working environment based on trust – our project results speak for themselves!“ 

General Manager Powertrain Development, Premium OEM