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Tailored sales support

Strategy Engineers creates tailored solutions for its customers that increase sales effectiveness and efficiency. We always adapt our concepts individually to each specific company’s situation. We advise automotive distribution groups on their strategic approach, automotive OEMS on the integration of product requirements across different operational levels, or suppliers on how to achieve the best possible integration with the requirements of OEMs. 

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Project examples

Creation of a customer-oriented sales organisation

Customer Problem:
  • An organisation belonging to an automotive supplier, that had grown organically and through acquisition, was confronted with a high level of coordination effort between the decentralised customer teams of the different business units.
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Definition of a customer-oriented organisation across all business units
  • Description of the most important processes, roles, and responsibilities across the entire customer interaction process
  • Implementation of the appropriate metrics and incentive system
  • Improvement of customer satisfaction through simplified interfaces
  • Increased prices through the avoidance of business unit price competition
  • Increased revenues through better exploitation of business potential e.g. through cross-selling

Sales strategy for the automation business

Customer Problem:
  • To support the automotive business, a leading mechanical engineering firm wanted to strengthen its core business through the expansion of its automation offering
  • The goal was the development of a strategy for the profitable expansion of the automation business
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • Restructuring of the existing automation business
  • Definition of a portfolio strategy for the expansion of the automation business
  • Organisational concept for embedding into the core business
  • Significant increase in results and revenues for the automation business in the first year after implementation

Increasing profitability in the replacement spare parts business

Customer Problem:
  • A global plant construction firm wanted to increase the operating income contribution of its spare parts business, and simultaneously reduce the amount of capital invested
  • The goal was the optimisation of the replacement parts business in terms of operating income contribution and working capital
Strategy Engineers Approach:
  • “Best Practice”-based comparison of all spare parts sites and identification of improvement measures
  • Review of the depot network, as well as the stock management strategy
  • 10% increase in operating income contribution
  • 20% reduction in working capital requirement