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Training: Product cost optimization

Training: Product cost optimization

Over 3,100 ideas for product cost optimization developed in more than 330 Projects; more than € 580 million of cumulative cost savings for our clients – Strategy Engineers has successfully supported clients in a variety of industries with a specialized, 360° approach to reduce product costs. Now, our product cost optimisation experts at Strategy Engineers are offering a methodology training for cost engineers, product managers, and developers that explains case-by-case methodologies that have been developed and refined over the past years, making them applicable to your organization. Best practice summaries and checklists, e.g. for workshop preparation, complement the one-day training and facilitate the daily handling of the challenges in successful product cost optimization.

Strategic product cost optimization and operative product cost reduction


"Comprehensive and systematic product cost management is critical to develop innovative, powerful and market-driven products. The employees responsible for product cost management in the organisation are of fundamental importance to the success of sustainable product cost management. It is exactly these internal experts who we are enabling with our training."
Martin Kieckebusch, Partner

Training product cost optimization

The aim of the training is the targeted empowerment of multipliers within your organization in the methods and tools of sustainable product cost optimization. Specifically, four points are of fundamental importance to us in this training:

You will gain …

You will know …

To achieve these goals, we combine in our exclusive training appealingly prepared theory with catchy case studies (individual and group work) and compact summaries of the respective success factors and critical road blocks. The interactive training for product cost management is structured as follows:

Session 1: Purchase price analysis
Session 2: Value analysis
Session 3: Cost-Down-Workshops
Session 4: Control levers for strategic product cost management
Summary: Recap of the day

For your day-to-day work, we will provide full documentation of the training programme – and as we distribute the document before the training begins, you can pin down your insights and considerations directly in the right place.

At the end of the training, each participant receives a personal participation certificate - a small attention for great training groups and an additional motivation for upcoming cost optimization.

Feedback from previous attendees

Your feedback is important to us - we are happy to receive your feedback. Before the training, we agree on specific priorities and requirements together with you. For this reason, we collect your feedback straight after the training day. This is the only way how we can continue to learn and improve ourselves.
Numerous previous participants have successfully completed the training course and expressed their enthusiasm in their feedback:

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More product cost management

A systematic product cost management enables your company to offer products at competitive prices meeting the customer requirements at lowest resource consumption. But which building blocks of success differentiate strategic product cost management at those companies meeting their product cost targets at start of production and enjoy superior margins along the product life cycle?


In cooperation with the Chair for Product Development at Technische Universität München (TUM), Strategy Engineers has empirically investigated answers to these questions in an international study and derived recommendations for action. You are interested? Find our more following this link (German).

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