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March 10, 2022

Top ranking: „Best Consultants 2022“, 9 times straight

Every year, brand eins and Statista issue the “Best Consultants” award in Germany – and for nine times straight, Strategy Engineers has received this prestigious award. As a strategy and management consulting company, our vision is to make mobility sustainable; with the repeated award emphasizing how we as a team succeed in having a positive impact with our clients.

“The Best Consultants award is considered one of the toughest business awards in Germany and it makes us immensely proud to have been honoured for the ninth time in a row. It feels really rewarding to receive this great confirmation of our way of working,” says SE’s Managing Director, Dr. Albert Neumann. "Even with Covid-19 putting pressure on our clients and disrupting the way we can deliver our projects; we have been able to grow our business and open new offices in the U.S. and the UK. Our distinct positioning with a sharp focus on the automotive industry and its transformation towards sustainable mobility really starts to pay."

brand eins and Statista survey the German consulting market to identify those consulting companies which convince both their clients as well as are renown for specific topics inside the industry. In total, they asked more than 1,300 executives from companies of all sizes, 230 senior Dax managers and more than 2,300 partners and project managers from a wide range of consulting companies which consulting companies they would recommend. “Winning this award again shows that we successfully focus on our customers' needs and enable them to take action,” says Arne Petersen, Partner at SE. "We are thankful for this repeated award and will do our best to get it again next year."


About SE (Strategy Engineers)

Strategy Engineers is an international strategy and management consulting company focused on mobility. Our vision is to make mobility sustainable. We share one common purpose: To unlock our client’s potential to navigate uncertainty towards achieving this goal. Our consulting services are based on combining commercial and technical perspectives. We understand our clients’ unique situation, as trusted advisors, and deliver innovative, customised, and implementable solutions. This way, we help our clients to make robust strategic decisions and craft unique strategies to find their way to a winning place in the market.

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