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March 13, 2020

Straight seven: 7th award as “Best Consultants” for SE

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We have done it again: for the 7th time straight, we have been honoured as “Best Consultants” in Germany by brand eins and Statista. We are very proud of this achievement. After all, doing great work is one thing. But being honoured for it is something else. Especially as the prestigious Best Consultants ranking is published based on real world feedback. More than 1.500 leaders and high-ranked managers in German industry were asked which consulting companies they would recommend – and SE scored in the top group in the categories Automotive & Suppliers as well as Machinery and Plant Engineering. And again, we received the highest possible rating in our focus topic automotive consulting. We thank all our clients who put their trust in our work.

Building on this achievement, we are looking forward to continuing playing a driving role in the transformation of the automotive and mobility industries worldwide. As the result of a large internal strategy project, we have recently redefined our market positioning. Follow this link to find out more about how SE is “Giving substance to reality” as automotive consulting company.


About SE / Strategy Engineers

Giving substance to reality: We believe that you have a near limitless, yet untapped, potential for excellence. Our vision is to help you realise what you’re capable of. We aim to bring our experience and processes into partnership with your brand, your values and your ideas, not just so you can survive in this ever-changing automotive landscape, but so that you can go much, much further. All that we ask is that you dream big, because together we can give substance to your dreams, making them – and the hopes of a brighter, more innovative world – a reality.

We are proud that for the seventh time straight, we have been awarded as “Best Consultants” in by leading German business magazine brand eins and Statista.

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