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It starts with a dot


What is SE as a brand all about?

We set off in 2011 to be the consulting company that not only helps you with strong fact-based analysis. We want more: We want to be your trusted advisor. The one who guides you in uncertain times. But also the constant while markets, business models and products change. We coin this profile in our claim: „Giving substance to reality“. We believe, that successful consulting strives in the combination of rational and emotional elements. After all, the best strategy does not any impact if people do not believe in and act upon it. This belief is embedded in our corporate design: Single dots reflect the rationale perspective. The most prominent dot is found in our new logo. But there is more to any given dot. It can itself be a spring for emotions. We call these emotions sparks of inspiration. They originate from a dot as a moment or point of interaction and lead to something new - something we want to share with you.
Rational value

Dots guide your way in uncertain times

As your trusted advisor, we ask the right questions to guide you on your way to future success. We give orientation when decisions need to be taken under uncertainty. Together, we dig into detail and combine all the small pieces of evidence - dots in themselves - to understand what lays ahead.
Emotional value

Dots are the source of sparks of inspiration

Let‘s be honest: Not all consulting projects start as trusting relationships. We consider each joint step, each workshop, and each presentation an opportunity to build trust. To create sparks of inspiration. For us, these sparks mark the moment you build trust in our work - and ultimately us. This is the emotion we work towards.
Our new corporate identity

Giving substance to reality

Linking rational and emotional value, our new corporate identity builds around the symbol of the dot. The dot gives direction by marking your position on our website. It stands emotionally close to our team members. Reflecting its importance to us and our corporate identity, the dot always shows in our new lead colour: SE orange. For decades, the colour of the automotive industry has been any shade of darker blue. But the industry is transforming - and we support our clients in driving this transformation. In other words: orange is the new blue.

Our new logo

Framing the dot

When we founded SE, we selected a name speaking for itself: We craft winning strategies based on rich technical insight. That is Strategy Engineers. After ten successful years of continued growth, we present our new logo. Reduced to the very core, it reads SE instead of Strategy Engineers. As a single highlight, we have added our orange dot. It stands iconically above to logo, giving both orientation and being a well for sparks of inspiration.

The closer we get, the smaller and more detailed we get, the more significant a single dot becomes. Like pixels in an image. The more you zoom in, the more the dots reveal themselves to be the very fabric of existence.
Doing great work is one thing. Being honoured for it is another. That’s what we are really proud of!
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