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Case Study

Growing into new opportunities in e-mobility

The Challenge

A well-established automotive component supplier wanted to pursue new business opportunities in electric mobility. To branch out successfully, they needed to quickly build in-house capabilities for electrification. SE supported the client by strategically screening and evaluating potential acquisition targets, and by initiating first contacts to start negotiations.

How? Our approach

Building on market data, we created a long list of potential acquisition targets that met the client’s key capability needs. Focusing on the most suitable market segments, we derived a tailored short-list. Following the target screening, all short-listed companies were profiled and approached to discuss potential mergers and acquisitions.

So what? Our impact

Based on our in-depth screening of more than 600 potential acquisition candidates, our client was able to gain a comprehensive insight into the competitive landscape for e-mobility supplies. Trusting in our recommendations, they have now successfully entered a new market segment.
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