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Management Team

Andreas Bartels
Mastering a phase of low profitability and/or strategic re-orientation can only be successful through a comprehensive transformation of the entire company.

What should enterprises focus on when they enter a difficult situation that might require restructuring?

The main challenge for every company is to hit the next growth curve, while returning the current business back to profitability. This is particularly difficult when sales volumes are declining but investments into a brighter future are necessary. From my experience it can only be achieved with a comprehensive all-encompassing approach and not with minor adjustments.

How does SE support their clients in these phases?

SE supports clients in transformational programs covering both the cost cutting/profit improvement side but more importantly the side of innovation, top-line growth and future competitiveness. Our projects reach from “stop the bleeding” to major product and service innovation initiatives. We do this is in short task force type engagements but mostly in longer assignments in which we stay with our clients until improvement measures are implemented and their financial effects are measurable.

What specific industry knowledge and know-how can SE draw on?

We have a team which can draw on a variety of experiences. What we all have in common is our background in the automotive sector, both on- and off-highway clients. But we have equally worked for companies in the high-tech sector as well as machinery equipment. I have personally worked for many years as a restructuring expert and most of my colleagues have know-how in almost all areas of the value chain. Last but not least our affiliation with AVL gives us access to expert know-how on the latest technologies which are often the basis of important business decisions.

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