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Management Team

Partner and Managing Director China
Sebastian Frey
"Nowhere else is more critical to quickly adopt and adapt innovation to scale than in China."

Why is China perhaps even more important than ever?

Chinese enterprises' innovative technology footprint is accelerating and becomes a driver for the transition to new business models across all industries.

Industries are merging and new initiatives arising constantly. The main topics are IoT, Mobility Services, Smart Cities, and Autonomous Driving, and in all of these areas Chinese companies are no longer fast follower but increasingly at the forefront of technology development.


How does this effect companies in Europe?

China is transitioning from being Europe's workshop to a strategic partner for entering new businesses and markets. European companies need the Chinese perspective to effectively transition. Understanding governmental legislation and policy is inherently part of doing business in China.


How can SE help businesses to succeed in this environment?

The key focus of SE is "Innovation Driven Transformation". We help global companies create new business models, new product portfolios, value chains and develop robust organisational structures. This is a multidimensional task in which one perspective is to look at global developments and markets. In this context, China must be integrated. At SE we have the right insights, contacts and experience in China.

A straightforward but agile strategic approach is the key to resilience. We set milestones to achieve customer's expectations, and manage the ongoing Chinese regulatory challenges. Identifying the right partners and client ecosystem fit is critical.

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