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Career starters

Strategic thinking. Engineered solutions. Your chance

Implement solutions. Live leadership. With us

There’s one thing that connects us at Strategy Engineers above all else: The fascination with our customers’ technologies and the passion to change things for the better. We’re completely at home at the interface between technology and strategy. We use our relatively small team with a lot of drive and flat hierarchies to help our customers become better. We value team spirit, a fulfilled life outside of work and a sense of entrepreneurship that also helps us to develop our own company. Help us to kick-start the next stage and drive our team and brand forward.

Our Managers hone their leadership capabilities and take responsibility for projects, always with the approval of the relevant Principal or Partner. You keep an eye on the entire project without losing sight of the details. A Manager is the specialist team leader and ensures that projects are completed within the designated time, quality and budget parameters. They ensure that every opinion within the team is respected and drive creative thinking. Managers use the complete range of project management methods, are experts in our clients’ problems and industries and recommend solutions that make a real difference. Our Managers are also – just like Principals and Partners – official mentors for their younger colleagues.

Principals at Strategy Engineers are the senior managers for the project teams, the customer and our own organisation. They advise clients about complex problems – even outside the scope of any particular project – and nurture relationships over a long period of time. Principals are part of the Strategy Engineers management team, take on a variety of leadership tasks, broaden their fields of expertise and support other employees in developing their careers. Our Principals play an important role in the definition of our customers’ strategic agendas. Together with our Partners, Principals also acquire new business with existing and new customers, and develop innovative solutions for our target industries.

Self-sufficient working

Expand your horizon. Never stop.

Our company culture is based on the principle that all employees develop by self-sufficiently finding solutions to customer problems. Many companies claim to “think outside the box” – but is there anything beyond the claim? Our customers value our creative, pragmatic and unconventional problem-solving approach. You will be an essential part of guiding a consultant team to create first-in-class project results. Every project will have your personal touch!

Training program

Escape known territory. Grow. Stay hungry.

Our clients need us to be the best possible support for their projects. But what does it take to become the best? Repetition? Maybe, but that’s boring. We offer dedicated trainings to explore new territories and escape the well-known.
The SE training program covers “Core Consulting Skills”, “Technical Knowledge” and “Expert Knowledge”.

Lifetime consultancy

Share a passion. Experience team spirit. Be yourself.

Dropping your pen at five o’clock sharp with an important steering project meeting the next morning? An option, but not the way we like to work. Consulting lives from highly motivated people that are willing to go the extra mile. We know that, too. Therefore, we want to make sure that our employee’s enjoy a harmonious work-life balance. Every single consultant should have enough time to lead a fulfilling personal life. Our aspiration is to find the right answer to every employee’s personal situation.

Mentoring program

Get advice. Represent values. Team up.

As soon as you join us, you’ll receive support from an experienced mentor, who will help you with any questions you might have. Our unique team spirit enables us to live an open feedback culture – we regularly talk about the good, but naturally also about what could be improved upon.
Once you feel comfortable, you will be part of the mentoring program, too. This means that you will support younger consultants and pass on valuable experiences you have made during your professional career.

What to expect from your first project

Application process

The interview: An interesting discussion, not a cross-examination.

We don’t believe job interviews have to be one-way streets. It’s important to us to give you the opportunity to get to know us better. That’s why we offer several conversations with different colleagues who have varying levels of experience. In every interview, you get the chance to meet our team in person and find out more about us and our work.

Our interview process consists of two rounds of interviews, in which you will get to know two consultants. However, we are flexible and can adjust the process according to the specific situation. The interviews usually run as follows:

Short introduction of Strategy Engineers and the interviewers
Introduction of the candidate and a discussion of their CV (personality interview)
Completion of a “Case Study“ (case interview)
Clarification of open questions and definition of next steps

The purpose of the personality interview is to get to know you better. Use the presentation of your life and career so far to convince us about you! If you’ve been invited to an interview, we’ve already studied your CV in detail. In this part of the process, we’re also interested in finding out what’s hiding between the lines. For example, what challenging situations have you faced in your life and how did you overcome them? When did you do exceptionally well? What are your passions? And most importantly: what drives you and why do you think you’re a good fit for Strategy Engineers?

In the case interview, we want to challenge you with a problem that is completely new to you. It will reflect a typical situation that you would have to face in your daily work as a consultant. We’ll discuss a specific topic with you that we actually dealt with in a project. The interview usually starts with a short introduction from the interviewers. Then you need to answer the questions we put to you step by step. The interview will be a discussion with your interviewer, not a question and answer session. Impress us with your analytical capabilities, your structured approach and your communication skills!

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