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New offering: Agile Quick Check

December 02,2020
Does the digital transformation of your company add value? Is the investment paying off? And does it support doing better tomorrow? Our Agile Quick Check helps finding the answers.   In times of a global pandemic, these questions are more pressing than ever. On the one hand side, the current crisis is pushing digitalisation initiatives across the industry. At the same time, co-location – a vital element of the agile manifest – is hard to execute when working from home. In addition, the latest report from German Bitkom on the status of digitalisation in the German industry comes to the conclusion, that a large share of companies had to freeze investments into digitalisation to save budgets or even avoid bancrupcy [Source].   Our proposal is different. Instead of following a binary ON or OFF strategy, we want to enable you to increase the efficiency of investments into digitalisation. At the heart of this approach, we see the team which develops digital solutions.   Together with our IT-focused partner company marenas, we have developed an “Agile Quick Check” to jointly assess the status of digital transformation in your company. Together, we combine leading strategy, business and IT competences to support your steps towards agile success.​​​​​​

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