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Arne Petersen joins SE as new partner

November 04,2020
How to unlock the next level of customer value while realising optimal engineering and product costs that help achieving superior margins? This question keeps many of our clients awake at night. At SE, we are supporting them in mastering this issue for many years as a specialised technology-based management consultancy.   “Today, we are very happy to welcome Arne Petersen as a new Partner to our team supporting us in this task” explains Dr Albert Neumann, Managing Director of Strategy Engineers. “Arne Petersen has dedicated his professional career to product optimisation challenges reaching from product definition and development to product cost optimisation. He is a very strong addition to our professional team”. Before taking over responsibility for product development and product cost optimisation practice as senior partner for a consulting company, Arne Petersen worked for Porsche Consulting for 13 years.   During all these years and through numerous client engagements Arne Petersen has witnessed the root causes for growing product cost: “Product life cycles are getting increasingly short while complexity is going up. The reason is that companies want to win the innovation game while providing near limitless opportunities for customisation”. As product management decides a company’s fortune, the lever to yield superior margins is thus in starting with value-oriented product design as early as possible during the product life cycle. “Value-oriented product design starts with the right market analysis. Crafting a product strategy with a modular product and platform architecture in mind will enable cutting complexity and setting the baseline for cost-optimal product development and design. This is even more the case when talking about software products”, summarises the new Partner at SE.   Cost-efficient product development is a true cross-functional effort. It excels in an agile environment where engineering and purchasing are not left alone with the issue, but experienced employees across the company join forces. This is how we go beyond traditional product cost optimisation and leverage the entire supply chain.   Arne Petersen concludes: “Ultimately, my project approach focuses on changing people’s minds. That is how we can achieve lasting improvement. The key is to convince the project team to enter unmapped terrain. This needs to be linked with giving everyone more room for creative and value-adding activities. In the end, we can achieve targets deemed impossible at the start of a project. I am happy to explain and discuss with our clients a potentially unexpected way of working with a consultancy.”   Like Arne, at Strategy Engineers, we share our client’s passion for the product. And we help you – our clients – to master engineering and product cost at maximised customer value. It is these two which set the base for your future success in an ever more competitive environment.  

About SE / Strategy Engineers

  Giving substance to reality: We believe that you have a near limitless, yet untapped, potential for excellence. Our vision is to help you realise what you’re capable of. We aim to bring our experience and processes into partnership with your brand, your values and your ideas, not just so you can survive in this ever-changing automotive landscape, but so that you can go much, much further. All that we ask is that you dream big, because together we can give substance to your dreams, making them – and the hopes of a brighter, more innovative world – a reality.   We are proud that for the seventh time straight, we have been awarded as “Best Consultants” in by leading German business magazine brand eins and Statista in 2020.

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