AVL Tech Day Battery 2023: The Future of Automotive Batteries!

3 different pictures from left to right: massmarket cars, Stock market, growing plant

October 19, 2023

Mark your calendar for October 19 and prepare for an electrifying experience at AVL Tech Day Battery 2023! Dr. Ulrich Guddat, representing Strategy Engineers, will be gracing the stage in Alzey to delve deep into the realm of automotive traction battery trends. These trends are not just driving the automotive industry forward but electrifying it! We’re talking about the transition from niche to mass market, the increasing cost pressures, and the path towards a circular economy within the battery landscape.


This event promises a day filled with invaluable insights, captivating projects, and thought-provoking presentations.


Here’s a glimpse of what awaits you:


  • Revolutionary testing methods for cells
  • Streamlined and efficient test field structuring
  • Pioneering practices for high-voltage test benches with multiple DC channels
  • Tackling the challenges of AC and DC charging
  • An exhibition featuring a collection of thrilling exhibits and opportunities for engaging with experts


If you’re all charged up and eager to join us, take a moment to explore our event agenda and secure your free registration here: AVL Tech Day Battery Registration