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Case Study

Going public - success factors and prerequisites

The Challenge

The client, a European car dealer group with a strong focus on one OEM brand, considered an initial public offering (IPO). SE supported this project by developing a professional strategy that considered all options for growth as well as operational improvements. We also assessed the timing and financial risk associated with going public.

How? Our approach

As a first step, we identified strategic options by analysing the client’s businesses and competitors as well as innovative car-independent services. We then created conceptual implementation recommendations based on these findings, and verified them in expert interviews. We generated a business case and evaluated the total risk regarding financial, operational and cultural aspects as well as resources and timeline.

So what? Our impact

Going public as a car dealership entails risks. Based on our in-depth analysis, we provided a comprehensive assessment of the success factors as well as the potential road blocks. Together, we have developed a diversification strategy to secure future business opportunities that monetize mobility beyond the car.

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