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Case Study

Product portfolio development for a supplier of current sensors

The Challenge

Our client is a leading automotive supplier of current sensors with more than 15 million units sold per year. For the coming years, an internal strategy including a technology and product roadmap has been developed internally. However, there are three open questions which need to be answered: Future current sensing requirements and technology trends. The automotive technology and product roadmap. The right go-to-market approach to win future business.

How? Our approach

We addressed the client’s key questions in three phases. First, we conducted a market and technology study that included volume forecast, customer and competitor segmentation as well as requirements and trends. Based on this, we derived strategic imperatives by financially evaluating key sensor types, future market prices and value. Finally, we revised the client’s strategic plan by reviewing their portfolio and business model, go-2-market approach and customer prioritisation methodology.

So what? Our impact

Together with our client, we developed a new product portfolio strategy. We provided a detailed market analysis on current sensors and forecast until 2030. Based on our first-hand engineering know-how, we provided application deep dives as well as demand and requirements analysis. We complemented our review of the client’s product portfolio and business model strategy with strategic actions and comprehensive risk assessment including SWOT and gap analyses.

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