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Case Study

Cost optimisation for heavy-duty trucks

The Challenge

Our client, a leading global manufacturer of commercial vehicles and engines, faced both external (e.g. price pressure) and internal (e.g. extensive investments) challenges that affected profitability. To overcome these challenges, our client set ambitious cost-saving targets until 2023. They asked us to optimise their product costs and develop new cost-saving measures worth several million Euros to achieve these goals.

How? Our approach

We planned three waves for benchmarking and cost-saving measure generation across all truck modules with each wave focusing on different components and modules. This setup was accompanied by a project management work stream to coordinate the work and track the progress. For each wave, three cross-functional workshops-series from complete vehicle to component level were conducted.

So what? Our impact

To successfully close the cost gap, our engineering experts developed and evaluated more than 360 cost-saving measures. With our cost tracking process and advanced tools, we were also able to establish transparency regarding the implementation of measures. And to allow for sustainable improvement, we trained the client’ employees in generating, evaluating and tracking future cost-effective measures.

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