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Case Study

How to win the ADAS engineering challenge?

The Challenge

The advanced research process of a leading automotive OEM did not consider the specifics of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). Engineering for ADAS systems was split across several departments and related engineering programs were executed inefficiently.

How? Our approach

Together with our client, we first defined jointly agreed priority criteria for ADAS research. We then adapted the existing development process to the needs of ADAS hardware and software development. A new set of decision rules and role descriptions provided the necessary management update. Finally, we integrated several departments into separate organisational units for ADAS development.

So what? Our impact

The client’s overall engineering performance increased by over 10%. The newly installed R&D organisation reflects the actual development process and uses the best possible allocation of competencies for each cluster/organisational unit. Furthermore, they now have a sustainable, company-wide method for the in-depth evaluation and prioritization of ADAS-specific research and development projects.

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