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Case Study

Developing a new car in 36 months?

The Challenge

A European/Chinese OEM was lacking an advanced product development system. They needed a way to adapt the knowledge and experience from an existing R&D centre to the new, global set-up. The new product development system (PDS) needed to build on the already existing development process, yet work for future developments as well.

How? Our approach

We reviewed the client’s existing development processes and shared industry benchmarks to identify best practices for global harmonisation. During the course of one year, work streams covering engineering and project functions turned the best practices into a development system. Together with the client, we trained over 500 engineers in Europe and China.

So what? Our impact

We established a harmonised workflow for our client’s entire organisation in one global, state-of-the-art PDS. This increases efficiency and allows our client to develop new vehicles within 36 months. To encourage easy access, the comprehensive documentation worth 570 pages is also available online.

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