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Management Team

Managing Director
Dr. Albert Neumann
I founded Strategy Engineers to be the consulting business that focuses on answering strategic question in automotive technology

What were your key objectives when you founded Strategy Engineers?

There were two main things I wanted SE to do right: Culture and expertise. In 2011, I set out to create this company. SE is driven by an inspiring and open-minded team that leads by example. Our advice is based on our profound technical insight.

Where do you see SE in five years from now?

Despite hundreds of successful projects and multiple awards for our services, in many ways, SE is still a start-up. Of course, I want our company to grow but also keep our start-up spirit. In uncertain times like these, our consulting approach is more relevant than ever.

Where is the automotive and mobility industry heading?

User behaviour and public opinion are changing quickly: today, people focus on mobility rather than owning a vehicle. Automotive players need to adjust their value creation accordingly. The mechanics of business might change – but as long as people are emotional beings that require mobility, there will always be opportunities.

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