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Management Team

Dr. Oliver Spreitzer
We help our clients turn uncertainty into sustainable growth by understanding the dynamics of mobility trends worldwide.

You are an entrepreneur at heart. How can clients benefit from that?

To me, entrepreneurship is about identifying and assessing existing problems, elaborating suitable solutions, and quickly implementing them. Being a former CEO and founder, I’ve experienced several of the entrepreneurial and strategic challenges that our clients are now facing. This experience is highly valuable today.

You’ve managed IT and Telco companies. What can automotive players learn from these?

The amount of software functionalities and online connectivity in modern cars is continuously increasing. This brings new business opportunities and integrated services, but also challenges in product development and security. The ICT world faced quite similar challenges several years ago.

Will automotive players become ICT companies in the long run?

The greatest challenge remains in the development, validation and production of highly complex physical goods. However, these goods are increasingly integrated into an equally complex service offering. As such, the experience of ICT companies is helping to shape future automotive players.

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