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Management Team

Dr. Ulrich Guddat
Driving on sight is not enough. I propose: Think big, start small and learn fast!

Which are the topics coming up?

The inspired return these days from Silicon Valley raises at least one question: How do I combine the alluring new with the existing?

But is this question new or an expression of poor self-confidence? I think that the awareness of existing strengths has suffered. That’s why a new strategy needs to build around selected core competencies. Now more than ever. And in addition to plans for new products and services, the cumulated, paralyzing complexity of recent decades must be addressed. I see a renaissance of core business mastery. The necessary dismantling of legacy is an opportunity that cannot go unused.

How do we best prepare for this?

Successful change begins with the awareness that it will not work without cultural change. It always starts with the core business and always with the team. Every transformation program is different, and we adapt depth and speed to the circumstances. Our clients also learn from our clients. We build the networks that make this possible, even and consciously across established industry boundaries. Leadership is the key to success.

Why is leadership critical to success?

"Being able to imagine something better", that is the core of leadership for me. Confidence and future orientation are needed for this. I like to dive personally deep into the complex companies of my clients and lead them through the transformation process. The team can always expect outstanding leadership, from temporary strangers and from their own managers.

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