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What makes us different?

Our vision

Giving substance to a new reality

We believe that our clients have a near limitless, yet untapped, potential for excellence. Our vision is to help you realise what you’re capable of. We aim to bring our experience and processes into partnership with your brand, your values and your ideas, not just so you can survive in this ever-changing automotive landscape, but so that you can go much, much further. All that we ask is that you dream big, because together we can give substance to your dreams, making them – and the hopes of a brighter, more innovative world – a new reality.
Our values

We are only as good as our team

We are trustworthy, professional and provide tailored advice and solutions. We grow as a team because we dare to disagree, question and challenge.
Our mission

The magic of connection

At Strategy Engineers, we believe that connection leads to magic. Being the trusted partner of our clients enables us to bring our experience and know-how together with their unique ideas, vision and values to create sparks of inspiration. These sparks, fuelled by the magic of connection, lead to something new. Something greater than the sum of its parts. Unique solutions that help our clients find certainty in an ever-changing, uncertain world. The result is a unique strategy that can help you find your way to a winning place in the market.
Our approach

Our consulting services are based on profound technical insight

We aim to collaborate closely with you. Not only on a management level but with everyone in your company. Therefore, we need to know the details – details that are directly linked to the constantly evolving automotive technology.

Entrepreneurial minds with a background in technology

A strong team

Consulting is people business. At Strategy Engineers, we are a tight-knit team of open-minded consultants who have technology at heart and business in mind. Together, we think ahead and question the status quo.

Technology and innovation is in our DNA. We never stop driving change in the automotive and mobility industry.
Management Team
Doing great work is one thing. Being honoured for it is another. That’s what we are really proud of!
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