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Management Team

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Arne Petersen


“Value-oriented product design starts with the right market analysis”

  What is the key driver for product cost in the automotive industry these days?   Product life cycles are becoming increasingly shorter while complexity is going up. The reason is that companies want to win the innovation game while providing near limitless opportunities for customisation.   How can product cost management support product management in achieving superior margins for its products?   Value-oriented product design starts with the right market analysis. Crafting a product strategy with a modular product and platform architecture in mind will enable cutting complexity and setting the baseline for cost-optimal product development and design. This is even more the case when talking about software products.   You have more than 15 years of professional experience in engineering and product cost management. How would you describe your approach to achieve lasting results with the projects you support?   Ultimately, my project approach focuses on changing people’s minds. That is how we can achieve lasting improvement. The key is to convince the project team to enter unmapped terrain. This needs to be linked with giving everyone more room for creative and value-adding activities. In the end, we can achieve targets deemed impossible at the start of a project.​​​​​​