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Dr Ulrich Guddat joins Strategy Engineers as new Partner

April 01,2020
Strategy Engineers (SE) has always joined and lead clients on the untrodden path to new realities. To master this change, we support in transformation programmes towards new business models, alliances, and technology. When breaking new ground, it is about finding a balance between the old and the new. And it is about strong guidance – guidance Strategy Engineers provides as trusted advisor to the automotive, mobility, and adjacent industries.   “To further strengthen our transformational and guiding competence, we have Dr Ulrich Guddat join our team as Partner”, explains Dr Albert Neumann, Managing Director at SE. As a former Partner at Porsche Consulting and board member for IT and logistics of a German, family owned group of businesses, Dr Ulrich Guddat (45) is a recognised and experienced expert in leading large transformation programmes. In addition, he brings valuable domain expertise in software, high-tech, and aerospace to the team.   “Change is hard labour and its cultural dimension is the key to success – and maybe the hardest aspect to manage. I have always enjoyed immersing myself in my clients’ companies and their complexity. There are no great strides without the employees: training, practice, personal master ship. Today they call it agile, but it has always been like that: Think big, start small and learn fast. These are the virtues of the engineer,” says Dr Ulrich Guddat. “At SE, I will continue to support the creation of the entrepreneurial environment that acknowledges and facilitates the core performance of creative people. Through less complexity and less friction.“   At Strategy Engineers, we share our client’s passion for the product. And we help you – our clients – transforming your company, so that the jointly developed strategy becomes reality.  

About SE / Strategy Engineers

  Giving substance to reality: We believe that you have a near limitless, yet untapped, potential for excellence. Our vision is to help you realise what you’re capable of. We aim to bring our experience and processes into partnership with your brand, your values and your ideas, not just so you can survive in this ever-changing automotive landscape, but so that you can go much, much further. All that we ask is that you dream big, because together we can give substance to your dreams, making them – and the hopes of a brighter, more innovative world – a reality.   We are proud that for the seventh time straight, we have been awarded as “Best Consultants” in by leading German business magazine brand eins and Statista in 2020.

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