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What requirement criteria has Strategy Engineers?

In addition to an excellent university course and excellent analytical skills, you should have relevant experience abroad and in practice. You should also convince us of your ability to think in a structured way, to clearly define problems and to find result-oriented solutions. Beyond all that, personality matters most in our industry – we are open for any kind of extraordinary experiences.

How long before the planned entry should I apply?

An application for a direct entry or an internship can be made at any time. There is no application deadline with us. However, in order to be able to respond to your wishes as best as possible and to optimally design the process for you, please apply with enough lead time to allow some preparation for your desired entry date.
We process your application immediately upon receipt and you will receive a response from us within a week.

In which language should I submit my documents?

Applications can either be submitted in German or English.

To whom can I address my application?

Please address your application to the SE Recruiting Team and apply exclusively via our online tool. There you can easily compile all the necessary data and upload the required documents.

I have not received any feedback for my application. What can I do?

We process your application immediately upon receipt and you will receive a response from us within a week. If you have not received any feedback from us after two weeks, please contact our office hotline (+49 89 4161 7235).

How much time does normally lie between invitation and interviews?

We schedule every interview within two weeks and take your individual availability into account.

Is it required for me to attend the interviews physically or is it possible to talk also by phone, video conference etc.?

In order to get to know you better and to give you the opportunity to experience us comprehensively, we schedule our interviews in person. Nevertheless, we will find an alternative way for an interview in cases of e.g. absences abroad.

How can I prepare optimally for the application interviews?

Our tip: “Practice makes perfect.” Prepare for the case interviews. You should be particularly prepared for structuring concepts, mental arithmetic and business judgment. It is also worth taking a look at the daily newspapers in advance. Additionally, we offer a “Coaching Call” for every applicant. This optional exchange will not be part of your evaluation. Here you can clarify any open questions. We will arrange a call as soon as we have screened your application.

Can I write my bachelor or master thesis at Strategy Engineers?

We offer master thesis. Ideally you should gather experience with us as an intern first.

Will Strategy Engineers support me with my doctorate or MBA?

Continuous professional development is a special concern for us – therefore, we support all our employees in a tailored way.

I am interested in joining the consulting support services at SE – how do I apply?

We are continuously looking for motivated personalities (e.g. in personal assistance, marketing, finance…) to join the team. Please apply via our online tool.

Do I have a fixed work location?

Yes, each employee is assigned to a defined office. But usually our employees spend their working time at the client’s site and meet their colleagues in the office on Fridays for exchange.

Do consultants work on several projects simultaneously?

As a rule, no. Our goal is to meet the needs of the customer in the best possible way. That is why our consultants usually devote themselves entirely to a single project and are able to become experts within the project.

Can I influence the projects I am deployed to?

Of course we try to consider your wishes in the best possible way. The staffing of our consultants depends on the current business situation as well as the individual skills and experience required to meet specific customer requirements.

How does SE ensure that employees develop the right skills?

At SE, we truly believe in “training on the job” and have established an open feedback culture. This means that you will learn a lot first hand working together with more experienced colleagues. After each project engagement you will receive feedback from the project manager in charge to identify strengths and development potentials to continuously grow and ultimately take the next step in your career. Besides the regular project feedback, we have the SE Academy team that plans and organizes tailored trainings for our consultants.

Is it possible to arrange working hours part-time or take time off?

In accordance with our “Lifetime Consulting” approach, we want to ensure that our employees stay with us for the long term. We offer various flexible working time models that can be individually adapted to your personal situation. In principle, our consultants have the option of working part-time or taking time off.

Is it possible to combine consulting work with family?

Of course! Every single personal situation is reflected in our staffing decisions to ensure that a fulfilled family life is possible or other personal incidents are considered.

What opportunities for social or community involvement are there?

Our project and client work is of course important to us, but we also want to contribute to society beyond our daily work. Therefore, we support non-profit enterprises on a pro bono basis.