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Setting up a European Gigafactory – Internship insights with Luis Neff

Next Slide Please Episode 13Next Slide Please Episode 13
April 14,2023
As promised, we get our interns on the microphone to share first hand knowledge on their projects and assignments. In episode 13 of the “Next Slide, Please” podcast, we dive deep into how Strategy Engineers supports a European Gigafactory startup in going to market.   Our host Tobias invites his former intern Luis Neff, who supported a project in which SE runs the technical programme management for a European Gigafactory startup. As electrification ramps up towards a more sustainable future, the automotive industry is working heavily on setting up a European supply chain.   Luis shares valuable details on his daily work with SE and reflects how he now – about three months later – looks back at the internship.   Don’t miss out on this chance to gain an inside look at the world of management consulting and explore the potential opportunities for your own career! Tune in to the episode now!

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